Monday, January 31, 2011

Upcoming Event - Snowy Hydro SouthCare Ride Day - 12th February 2011

Always wanted to see what it was like to go for a ride in a rally car? Now is your chance! To help raise money for the Snowy Hydro Southcare Rescue Helicopter Service local rally clubs are running a fund raiser on Saturday the 12th of February at 9:30 at Stromlo Park were you get to go for a ride in a rally car for a fee. Look here for details on BMSC.

The Reliance team will be there with the Chainsaw (the RX7 for those that don't know) so that JW can show people how much fun you can have in a rotary in the forest.

If you've never been for a ride in a rally car make sure you come along - the ride will be quick but the grin will last months!

Reliance Rotary Rally Team – 2010 Wrapup

The ACT series presentation night was held on Jan 15 and the team came away with plenty of silverware resulting from a great year in 2010!

Caltex Airport Starmart Silver Cup
1st Placed Co-Driver Carolyn Wilson
1st Placed Driver Jon Waterhouse

Autotech Services Gold Cup Awards
2nd Placed Co-Driver Carolyn Wilson
2nd Placed Driver Jon Waterhouse

Century Shield
Jon Waterhouse/Carolyn Wilson

BMSC Co-Driver of the Year
Carolyn Wilson

A huge thanks to our super service team who continue to keep us on the road and feeling safe knowing we are in their capable hands. And an enormous thanks to the outstanding sponsorship received from Ian Moone (Revell Steering) and Murray Coote (Murray Coote Automotive). Without them the results achieved would not have been possible!

As well as competing in the RX7 for the ACT Series we brushed the dust off the WRX for a few events. I didn’t enjoy my first "OK Girl" experience at the Bega Valley rally where we DNFed due to electrical problems. The next event in the WRX was the Termeil Rally Sprint which gave a few issues on start up but then ran like a dream. And finally we zeroed in the WRX for Natcap and no problems there either.

So what’s in store for 2011? Who knows, but 2010 will be hard to top! My hope is that there is a mix once again of 2WD and 4WD activity!

Over and out – Carolyn Wilson

Welcome to the revamped Reliance website

We have just relaunched the Reliance Automotive website ( with a view to keeping customers up to date with what is happening in the shop and with Reliance prepared cars in all the forms of motorsport in which they compete.

The site will evolve and more content will be added as time allows (read that as when I can get Jon's head out from under a bonnet long enough to help with content) so watch this space.