Monday, May 30, 2011

Shop Visit 28th May 2011

Work continues on the two RX7 Tarmac Rally cars. New engine looms and wiring for ancillaries are going in - while the rest of the factory loom is being left intact so that factory wiring diagrams can be used if the cars experience any electrical issues during events.

Basic carpeting and tidying up of the interiors has started on one of the cars using light weight materials and also providing some clever storage areas. The very slight weight gain does make the working environment a little more pleasant - nothing a week worth of light eating won't fix.

And it isn't all race cars and rotaries - for something a little different a rubber bumper Midget was in for some R&R.

To see some further images (including a hint as to what suspension the Tarmac cars are running) check the images in the gallery.