Thursday, June 30, 2011

British Car Specialists?

Forgot to post this photo when I took it a couple of weeks ago. Mini was in for log booking - it was a nice bit of kit. There was some joking about having to change signage as what you can't see parked near the Mini is an MG Midget - about the 3rd that's been in the shop recently.

Sneak Peak

This is going to be awesome - the writing on the rotor gives the game away - can't wait to hear this screaming through the forests down the coast!

More to come - watch this space.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Event Report - Bega Valley Rally

Our last event was 8 months ago when we were competing in the RX7 so jumping into the WRX on Sunday morning I admit to feeling more nervous than usual! Possibly the DNF at last years Bega rally also contributed to that and I admit to having my fingers crossed every time Jon turned the key to start the engine!

After a rusty start we started to get back in the groove. Conditions throughout the day were wet and challenging but absolutely great fun. There were a few times when I felt out of control which is a little unusual. Typically the experienced hands of JW leave my control-freak nature completely in tact!

Thanks to Jon for the great car preparation, the service crew for keeping us going and Murray Coote - I've never met you but every bump I thank you! - for the smoooth suspension. Congrats to the winners, your times were amazing in such challenging conditions.

Thanks also to Tom, Steuart and all of the other organisers, officials and volunteers who made the day run so smoothly. There were plenty of volunteers who we saw on multiple stages or in the service park on the entry/exit for 3 services. The whole day was well organised and ran perfectly to schedule. Special thanks to the little guy with the lollies on stage 1. You gave up your warm egg and bacon roll to be offering lollies to navs and drivers - you have a long future in rallying!

The only thing that didn't feel right about the day.....was that the combination of a roof vent that closed and a heater that worked meant I didn't freeze in the car. I could get used to Luxury Rallying!