Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chainsaw on display in Civic

The Chainsaw on display in town outside Garema Court today for a couple of hours over lunchtime as part of the lead up to the Trussme National Capital Rally.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Next event - National Capital Rally

A little over a week before the cobwebs will be brushed off the cars! The Trussme National Capital Rally is set for 29th October, this will be our first event since the disappointing walk out of the forest at Batemans Bay with a broken axle.

We will be performing the role of the zero car. This gives us a great opportunity to contribute to volunteering within the rally community while still getting out for a good day in the forest!

We are undecided which car will get a run, it may be the WRX or perhaps the Chainsaw with the newly built 13B PP Alpine Rally engine which may be ready! 1 week to finalise the build and testing.....wow I sound like a project manager!

If anyone can make it out for a look, there are spectator instructions out on the BMSC site. Hope to see some supporters out there!