Thursday, July 17, 2014

Event Report - Narooma Rally

With Narooma likely to be our last event for the year, we were out for a great time without any damage or incidents.

I had not experienced a Narooma rally before but there was much talk of it being a great event! It is now right up there with my favorites!

All of the stages were fantastic, roads were smooth, road book consistent and the views spectacular for those long 4km calls! Stage 3 in particular was an absolute cracker! No fear of under body damage with roads like these!

We had an awesome yet relatively uneventful rally which was fortunate. There was an awareness amongst the cars up front that we were all jostling for top 5 positions but there was a really fun sense of competitive spirit rather than nasty fierce sheep-station competition. Thanks very much to those crews around us for a fun day in the forest.

A huge thanks to:
  • Jon for his consistent driving on the day ( Carolyn for a great job navigating (JW).);
  • Michael Taylor Sr, our invaluable, dedicated and reliable service crew;
  • Michael Taylor Jr, Adrian Dudok and all of their support team for organizing a top event! It was FUN, just how rallying should be!;
  • Cheryl and all of the volunteers out there. You all did an amazing job, everything ran smoothly and on time;
  • The locals at Narooma who provided us with a fabulous set of roads and a spotless service park;
  • The sponsors, supporters and local surf club who all make the day complete.

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